Fresh start 

Doesn’t matter what you did yesterday. Doesn’t matter what you even did few seconds ago. All that matters and should matter is the present moment, the present second. Even the little of things around such as a rain drop falling down when the sun rises and the look of it might and will change how…

Lifetime value 

When We are young, We have liberty, but We do not see it. We have time, but We do not know it and We have love, but We do not feel it. Many decades would pass before We understand the meaning of all three And when we do the happiness of our life, this understanding will…

Sleepless nights! 

“Sometimes we loath the necessity of sleep. Like death it puts even the most powerful men and women on their backs” 

Burning the midnight oil! 

Work during the day and plan and work harder by the night. Finding that night peace allows a leeway to think more clearer and better than the noise by the day. All that matters is give your best no matter what time and day it is!